Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO of Weston/ West Davie can dry your home

This West Davie home had water damage that was more than just a fan and a few towels could dry up. They called our team for help and we extracted the water, removed the damaged materials and set our air movers out to dry the area.

Wet damaged fooring

When water invades your Weston home, weather it be from outside your home or within, it is important to know what type of water damage you are dealing with. Once this is determined then we are able to properly perform water mitigation.

When water damage turns to mold

We know that mold can grow quickly so when we mitigate your water damage we work hard to not only get things dried and restored we also work hard to prevent mold growth. This is an example of what leaving a wet area wet will create. Mold is dangerous, be sure to call us immediately when you experience a water loss in your home of business to prevent this type of damage.

Bathroom pipe leak in Weston

Near Weston a homeowner noticed a pooling of water in their master bathroom. We arrived and assessed the situation. Luckily it was minimal and we were able to get the area dried quickly and efficiently.

Water loss due to faulty hot water heater

We responded to this office building when their hot water heater leaked and left the carpets wet. We set up the proper equipment to dry the area out and made sure that it was completely dry prior to removing our fans.

Thermal Moisture Meter

At SERVPRO of Weston /West Davie, we use the latest technology to make sure we do the job right.  Our thermal moisture meters help us to ensure we see all of the unseen moisture to mitigate properly.  

Drying behind walls without Demo

In this Weston, Florida home, the sheet rock was not needing to be removed, however there was possible moisture behind the walls.  In order to ensure the area dried properly, we removed the baseboards, drilled holes in the sheetrock and set up the drying equipment to dry the moist areas.

Expect the unexpected

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie was called out to this Weston home to mitigate water damaged due to a leaky pipe in the wall. When we arrived and started to remove the water damaged materials we found mod growth. We immediately stopped and set up containment in the home and began the proper mold remediation process.