Water Damage Photo Gallery

hallway with sheetrock removed due to water damage and prepping for anti mold agent applicantion

Water damage happens anytime, day or night

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie is always ready to respond to your water damage situation!

Pipes leak and supply lines break when you least expect it. This Fort Lauderdale homeowner learned just how unexpected these things can be. We removed the wet, damaged materials and applied an anti-microbial to help prevent secondary damage.

Thermal moisture meter finding the moisture hiding behind the ceiling sheetrock.

Our thermal moisture meter finds the damage

Water damage will leave stains on your ceiling, but it is what is behind the stains that could be more costly to restore.

This Davie homeowner was concerned about the stains that arrived on their ceiling recently. Once we arrived our thermal moisture meter uncovered the large area of moisture residing behind the sheetrock.

SERVPRO employees are packaging a customers belongings into a box with care

When disaster happens, SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie is here

This Davie homeowner called our team for help when water damaged majority of their home.

We arrived and began packing up their damaged belongings. We package each item with care and when we get them to our facility we will restore them to pre-damage condition!

mold remediation expert wearing full PPE while removing water damaged insulation from home

Our team is properly trained in all forms of mitigation

When we arrive to provide water damage cleanup services, we are prepared for anything! 

This Weston homeowner knew that the water had severely damaged his home, but what he didn't know was he needed more than just drying efforts. We were able to get his home clean and dry quickly and properly!

Floor after its tiles have been removed

We'll cover all surfaces and spaces in the restoration process.

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie's team of trained technicians can remove any surfaces that could be retaining water and restore them after the water extraction process.

We can bring your Weston home back to pre water damage condition in no time!

room, with concrete floors and missing ceiling sheetrock showing exposed beaming as well as wall sheetrock removed

When water damages your Weston hom

Water is damaging to all areas of your home and may require the removal of many damaged materials like flooring and sheetrock. 

When water damage happens to you, we can respond immediately and begin water mitigation right away.

flooring removed exposing concrete floors and multiple pieces of drying equipment set up with a man checking their progress

Water Restoration with immediate response

With extensive water damage this Sunrise resident called our team for water restoration services.

Our team of water restoration experts arrived promptly.

We removed the wet and damaged materials like the flooring and baseboards prior to setting up our drying equipment! 

water damaged parquet flooring being removed in a bedroom next to a bathroom

Overflowing bathtubs can be extremely damaging

Our team began water mitigation work quickly to minimize the damage to the home.

When this West Davie homeowner realized they had forgotten the bath water was still running it was too late. The parquet flooring that had received the bulk of the damage had to be removed. 

hallway with wood flooring and baseboards removed from wall, green fan set up to dry the wet area

SERVPRO of Weston/ West Davie can dry your home

This West Davie home had water cleanup that was more than just a fan and a few towels could dry up. They called our team for help and we extracted the water, removed the damaged materials and set our air movers out to dry the area.

We responded timely to this mitigation call and worked quickly to minimize the water damage.

hallway with part of wood flooring removed exposing concrete and a man using a water extraction tool to suck up water on floo

Wet damaged fooring

When water invades your Weston home, whether it be from outside your home or within, it is important to know what type of water damage you are dealing with.

The water damage restoration process will differ depending on the source.

Once it is determined where the water came from, then we are able to properly perform water mitigation.

When water damage turns to mold

We know that mold can grow quickly so when we mitigate your water damage we work hard to not only get things dried and restored we also work hard to prevent mold growth. This is an example of what leaving a wet area wet will create. Mold is dangerous, be sure to call us immediately when you experience a water loss in your home of business to prevent this type of damage.

Bathroom pipe leak in Weston

Near Weston a homeowner noticed a pooling of water in their master bathroom. We arrived and assessed the situation. Luckily it was minimal and we were able to get the area dried quickly and efficiently.

Water loss due to faulty hot water heater

We responded to this office building when their hot water heater leaked and left the carpets wet. We set up the proper equipment to dry the area out and made sure that it was completely dry prior to removing our fans.

Thermal Moisture Meter

At SERVPRO of Weston /West Davie, we use the latest technology to make sure we do the job right.  Our thermal moisture meters help us to ensure we see all of the unseen moisture to mitigate properly.  

Drying behind walls without Demo

In this Weston, Florida home, the sheet rock was not needing to be removed, however there was possible moisture behind the walls.  In order to ensure the area dried properly, we removed the baseboards, drilled holes in the sheetrock and set up the drying equipment to dry the moist areas.

Expect the unexpected

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie was called out to this Weston home to mitigate water damaged due to a leaky pipe in the wall. When we arrived and started to remove the water damaged materials we found mod growth. We immediately stopped and set up containment in the home and began the proper mold remediation process.