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Water leak in a Cooper City home requires extraction

A clean water pipe began to leak very slowly in this Cooper City home. Eventually the valve broke leading to an abundance of water throughout the home. They cal... READ MORE

Roof leak causes water damage which then lead to mold

In Weston, FL the climate is quite humid and a small amount of moisture in an uncontrolled environment can be the beginning of mold growth. Our team of mold rem... READ MORE

Why is there water damage from a fire?

This electrical fire caused a lot of damage to the structure of this home. It also sent smoke throughout the entire home. The fire became to large and the respo... READ MORE

Fire damage to a home in Weston, Florida

This Weston homeowner did not realize the extent of the damage this fire caused their home until we began our work. We arrived to the home quickly after they ca... READ MORE

Clock covered in Soot

Smoke coming from a kitchen or electrical fire in a Weston home can cause a lot of damage. A sticky residue is left behind on the walls and ceiling of the home.... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Weston

The family in this Davie home had no idea what to do after the fire broke out that evening. Most insurance companies have hotlines to call after hours to make a... READ MORE

Electrical Fire in West Davie Home

An electrical problem caused a fire to start in the garage of this Weston home. It ended up doing a lot of structural damage on the outside. But, it also caused... READ MORE

Soot Cleaning in West Davie

Here at SERVPRO of Weston / West Davie we want your home to be cleaned of soot and smoke as soon as possible. You might have only had a small fire that can be c... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Weston / West Davie can Help with the Cleanup

After widespread storm damage, SERVPRO of Weston / West Davie will be very busy taking care of the occupants of Weston and Davie. However, we also take care of ... READ MORE

Is your company prepared for a storm?

Is your company prepared for a storm? Storm preparations are not just for homeowners. Many people are at work during a storm. Knowing how to deal with flooding... READ MORE