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Carpet with clear water lines due to a pipe burst flooding the facility with water

When a pipe bursts it can cause major water damage

A local Davie office had a pipe burst over the weekend causing major damage.

When they arrived to work there was water covering the first floor, and mold had begun to grow in a few places. We arrived quickly to begin the mold remediation as well as the complete drying of the area.

a large tube being used to clean out a Weston home's duct work.

Duct cleaning is crucial to keeping your Weston home smelling fresh

Duct Cleaning in your Weston home could be beneficial when preparing for the holiday season.

As the summer winds down and slightly cooler temps arrive, it is important to get your ducts professionally cleaned. In doing so it will help remove any dust, dirt or even mold particles that could be causing a not so fresh smell in your home. 

fogging machine being used to disinfect this office to help the employees have a sanitized place to work.

Fogging for Sanitization cleanings

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie is equipped with all the necessary tools to provide a higher standard of clean.

Fogging uses a fine mist to kill microorganisms and generates micro-particles (and possibly nano-particles) of disinfectant to sanitize and disinfect any space. We are able to utilize this technology for your home or Weston Business as well.

Thermal moisture meter finding the moisture hiding behind the ceiling sheetrock.

Our thermal moisture meter finds the damage

Water damage will leave stains on your ceiling, but it is what is behind the stains that could be more costly to restore.

This Davie homeowner was concerned about the stains that arrived on their ceiling recently. Once we arrived our thermal moisture meter uncovered the large area of moisture residing behind the sheetrock.

SERVPRO employee in Full PPE fogging for sanitization of a gym facility

Working hard to get this facility Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

This Davie facility has requested regular cleanings of their structure and equipment.

Our team will be cleaning and disinfecting their facility and all things inside of it on a regularly scheduled basis. This will help keep the facility and equipment clean and sanitized. 

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie employee is dressed in full PPE remeidating mold from behind a wall

Water that leaked behind the wall lead to mold damage

This Fort Lauderdale homeowner discovered a small pipe behind their wall was leaking. 

The plumber repaired the pipe but the damage was extensive. The water had created an environment  fit for mold growth. Our team followed protocols and remediated the mold quickly!

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie wiping down the metal framing of a ceiling sky light leak.

When your sky light begins to leak the water damage can lead to mold

This Cooper City homeowner discovered a leak caused by their skylight recently.

Unknown to them, once we began removing the water damaged materials we discovered that this skylight must have been leaking for quite some time. Mold had already taken up residence in the framing of their home and was beginning to spread to other areas.

SERVPRO employees are packaging a customers belongings into a box with care

When disaster happens, SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie is here

This Davie homeowner called our team for help when water damaged majority of their home.

We arrived and began packing up their damaged belongings. We package each item with care and when we get them to our facility we will restore them to pre-damage condition!

SERVPRO employee standing on a ladder to reach the duct work that needs a cleaning

When your HVAC has a musty or not fresh smell, we can help

Our Team here at SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie is trained in proper duct cleaning procedures.

We will ensure your ducts are clean of dirt, dust and mold. We will also clean your registers to ensure your homes air is fresh and clean.

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie employee is using a thermal fogging machine to neutralize the smoke smell following fire damage

After fire damage restoration, the smoke odor can linger

We arrived at this Davie home quickly to properly provide fire damage restoration services.

Our process ended with using a thermal fogging method that will aid in removing the strong smoke odor left behind. The deodorizer is heated and sprayed in a fog form. Because it's in a fog form, the mixture is able to permeate even the toughest-to-reach spots. 

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie is using high tech duct cleaning equipment to hepa vacuum the duct work in this West Davie home

We are here to get your home clean the right way

Our team is trained in many different areas of restoration.

One area that is not discussed as heavily is duct cleaning. We are able to assess the need for this service and properly clean out your ducts in your home or business. Our equipment is state of the art and the best in the industry.

mold remediation expert wearing full PPE while removing water damaged insulation from home

Our team is properly trained in all forms of mitigation

When we arrive to provide water damage cleanup services, we are prepared for anything! 

This Weston homeowner knew that the water had severely damaged his home, but what he didn't know was he needed more than just drying efforts. We were able to get his home clean and dry quickly and properly!

Man standing in the corner of the room spraying a chemical on a concrete wall

When water damage has potential to grow mold

Our team is fully trained in water damage restoration processes.

We also know that in some instances we walk into a water cleanup that has the potential for future mold growth. We have the needed anti-mold agents to treat water damaged areas of your home to prevent mold growth.

Bedroom before mold remediation

We'll make your bedroom look "Like it never even happened."

We know that your bedroom is a space you never want to be without. At SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie our highly trained technicians will get straight to the source for a fast water and mold remediation process.

TV hanging on wall in empty room

We'll bring your living room back to pre damage condition.

We understand how stressful water and mold damage can be. Especially when it forces you to compromise the comfort of your Weston home. Our team can help remediate the problem in a fast efficient manner. 

Basement after appliances have been removed.

We'll protect and care for any undamaged surfaces in the restoration process.

SERVPRO of Weston/Davie will cover, protect and care for any surfaces that have not been affected by water, fire or mold. This will help to speed up the restoration process without compromising the quality of the job. 

Floor after its tiles have been removed

We'll cover all surfaces and spaces in the restoration process.

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie's team of trained technicians can remove any surfaces that could be retaining water and restore them after the water extraction process.

We can bring your Weston home back to pre water damage condition in no time!

room, with concrete floors and missing ceiling sheetrock showing exposed beaming as well as wall sheetrock removed

When water damages your Weston hom

Water is damaging to all areas of your home and may require the removal of many damaged materials like flooring and sheetrock. 

When water damage happens to you, we can respond immediately and begin water mitigation right away.

Room with wall of windows in the center of the floor the furniture is covered with clear protection secured with blue tape

Mitigation work in Cooper City

Water damage can lead to mold growth, so it is important to get the water dried quickly to avoid this.

Mold only needs a small amount of moisture to form.

From there it can rapidly spread to many areas of your Cooper City home. Luckily for this homeowner, the mold had not had a chance to spread past its initial area of growth. 

flooring removed exposing concrete floors and multiple pieces of drying equipment set up with a man checking their progress

Water Restoration with immediate response

With extensive water damage this Sunrise resident called our team for water restoration services.

Our team of water restoration experts arrived promptly.

We removed the wet and damaged materials like the flooring and baseboards prior to setting up our drying equipment! 

Team of people standing in between two green vans and infront of company building

Our dedicated water damage restoration team

Our dedicated crew will arrivequickly to your Weston home whether it has been damaged by water, fire or mold. 

These individuals work as a restoration team putting our customer and their property first during the restoration process. 

If you are in need of water damage mitigation, fire damage restoration or mold remediation, we are here for you!

Three firefighters off duty posing with sales rep and a jar of candy

Supporting the Weston community and our First Responders.

Our dedicated Sales Representative is consistently supporting our local first responders. 

Choyling is always trying to provide support to our Weston Fire Fighters! She brings them goodies every few weeks to let them know they are appreciated!

two men on a golf course one on right in an orange shirt, one on left in a green shirt

We love staying involved in the community

Our team is always out and about taking part in charity events in our community! Giving back is the only way to foster growth! Hitting golf balls while giving back? What a way to serve our community!

A team of people in khaki pants and black shirts working on drying a water damaged room with cords and hoses

Restoration in the Airport!

When this airport terminal had water clean up they knew who they needed to call.

Our team was able to respond quickly to help this airport terminal get their water damage mitigated quickly. We extracted the standing water and set out the proper drying equipment to ensure we minimized secondary damage like mold growth!

water on white tiled floor and two men working to extract the water and use a moisture meter to check the moisture levels

Water extraction in West Davie

Our team is well trained in water extraction and mitigation.

It is crucial to extract as much of the standing water as possible. This will make drying the affected area more efficient as well as help to prevent secondary damage like mold growth

bedroom with white furniture and dark flooring that has puddled water through out

Water damage restoration in Weston, FL

Our team of water cleanup experts can help 24/7/365!

Depending on the source of the water, water cleanup restoration can be a very involved process. SERVPRO of Weston/West Florida has highly trained restoration experts ready to respond to your call any time, day or night.

water damaged parquet flooring being removed in a bedroom next to a bathroom

Overflowing bathtubs can be extremely damaging

Our team began water mitigation work quickly to minimize the damage to the home.

When this West Davie homeowner realized they had forgotten the bath water was still running it was too late. The parquet flooring that had received the bulk of the damage had to be removed. 

hallway with wood flooring and baseboards removed from wall, green fan set up to dry the wet area

SERVPRO of Weston/ West Davie can dry your home

This West Davie home had water cleanup that was more than just a fan and a few towels could dry up. They called our team for help and we extracted the water, removed the damaged materials and set our air movers out to dry the area.

We responded timely to this mitigation call and worked quickly to minimize the water damage.

A small leak can lead to big problems

This home in Weston, Fl had a small leak in the roof and over time that leak became a big problem. Not only did it damage the insulation and sheetrock it was the source for mold growth in the home as well.

room with sheetrock removed exposing the framing of the building and a wetvac in the room

Restoration work in Weston, Fl

Our team responded to this Weston, Fl property to begin restoration services.

We then discovered mold and had to immediately set up proper remediation containment.

After putting on the proper protective gear we began mold remediation services to get the area properly restored.

hallway with part of wood flooring removed exposing concrete and a man using a water extraction tool to suck up water on floo

Wet damaged fooring

When water invades your Weston home, whether it be from outside your home or within, it is important to know what type of water damage you are dealing with.

The water damage restoration process will differ depending on the source.

Once it is determined where the water came from, then we are able to properly perform water mitigation.

Room with sheetrock removed and demolition dust all over the tile floor.

Mold remediation can be a mess

This disaster was due to the removal of moldy sheetrock.

Our teams arrived and set up mold remediation containment of the affected area.

We immediately began to perform proper mold remediation services. SERVPRO of Weston /West Davie has the training and experience to get this done right.

roof with blue tarp over it being help in place by heavy bags of sand

Tarping Services After Storm Damage

After storm damage, your roof and windows may be exposed.

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie can provide immediate board up and tarping services to ensure your home or business is secured after a storm hits. Give us a call today!

stacked green fans

Water Damage After Fire Damage

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie has the equipment and skill to handle any size water cleanup after a fire strikes.

After the firefighters leave, give us a call. We will come to your property and assess both the water and fire damage. After we leave, you can guarantee it will look "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Water Damage in Weston, FL

This preschool suffered massive water damage after a recent storm. SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie performed a flood cut to get the hard to reach places dry and prevent secondary damage. After SERVPRO was finished, it looked "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage to Your Small Business

This preschool suffered water damage to their whole facility which led to secondary mold damage. SERVPRO assessed the damage, removed wet and damaged material, and began restoration immediately. Give us a call today if you experience water damage in your business!

Fire Damage Restoration Equipment

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie has the specialized equipment and skill to remove smoke and soot damage from your home or business after fire damage. Our warehouse has the equipment to handle any size fire damage.

Smoke Exposure in Your Weston, FL Home

SERVPRO restoration technicians know that damage increases and restoration costs escalate the longer neutralization, corrosion control and cleaning is delayed. When homeowners prolong the restoration of their home, they extend the effects brought on by smoke exposure.

Removing Soot and Smoke Odor

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie has licensed fire damage restoration professionals who can remove soot and smoke damage from your kitchen after fire damage. Give us a call today if you want to learn more about the fire damage restoration process.

kitchen with medium brown cabinetry and stainless steel appliances has soot and smoke damage on ceiling and cabinents

Kitchen Safety

While cooking, be sure to never leave the kitchen unattended or something like this may happen.

Fire damage in your Weston, Florida home can be avoided.

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie was called out to this home and made it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage in Davie, FL

Fire damage in your Davie, FL home can be unexpected and scary. This home suffered fire damage in the kitchen. As soon as the fire was put out, the homeowner gave SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie a call. 

With storms come water damage

Have you had strong storms in your area? Have those storms caused any type of damage to your home or business? If so, please call SERVPRO of Weston / West Davie for help. We will arrive fast and work quickly!

With storms come water damage

Have you had strong storms in your area? Have those storms caused any type of damage to your home or business? If so, please call SERVPRO of Weston / West Davie for help. WE will arrive fast and work quickly!

When water damage turns to mold

We know that mold can grow quickly so when we mitigate your water damage we work hard to not only get things dried and restored we also work hard to prevent mold growth. This is an example of what leaving a wet area wet will create. Mold is dangerous, be sure to call us immediately when you experience a water loss in your home of business to prevent this type of damage.

Rains brought minor flooding to Weston

A small area of weston experienced minor flooding in a few homes.  This homeowner found water in his home after a few hours. We came and extracted the standing water as well as made sure to dry behind the walls by drilling air flow holes in the sheetrock.

Bathroom pipe leak in Weston

Near Weston a homeowner noticed a pooling of water in their master bathroom. We arrived and assessed the situation. Luckily it was minimal and we were able to get the area dried quickly and efficiently.

Water loss due to faulty hot water heater

We responded to this office building when their hot water heater leaked and left the carpets wet. We set up the proper equipment to dry the area out and made sure that it was completely dry prior to removing our fans.

Using the latest technology to get local business dry

When we need to find every bit of moisture in an affected area we use our thermal moisture meter. We want to ensure that we dry out all moisture to prevent mold growth in the unseen places like behind walls and under carpets.

Strong storms bring water into local business

During the most recent storms of this very active hurricane season, a few businesses experienced encroaching water.  We were able to get these damaged areas dry and the business back to work quickly and efficiently.

Extracting standing water from commercial building

When there is standing water in any home or business it is important to get that extracted prior to doing anything else.  Once the water is removed, it is important to set up drying equipment to remove any remaining moisture.  This will prevent secondary damage like mold.

Water damage in local business

A local office had a pipe leak in their office.  They called us for help when they had standing water throughout their first floor. We were able to arrive quickly and get the standing water extracted prior to setting up our drying equipment.

Storm waters leave mark in Weston Garage

With heavy rains comes rising waters.  This Weston homeowner learned after this very active storm season that their garage likes to collect water.  We arrived and cleaned up the mess as well as removed some stains on their concrete due to the water.

Always ready to take on any job

We are always prepared to take your call.  We can respond quickly to any disaster that may occur. We always wear the proper protective gear for every ob and we always get the job done right!

Mold hiding behind walls of West home

In Weston, Florida a homeowner could smell a wet dampness in a specific room in their house.  We arrived to asses where the moisture was and what was needed. That was when we discovered mold growing behind the wall due to a a small pipe leak.

Mold removal in Weston

A homeowner in Weston was terrified when they found this black mold in their home.  They called us in distress and we were quick to get started.  We set up containment around the area and got to work removing the mold.

Chamber activities keep us busy

We are so excited to be a proud member of the Davie-Cooper City Chamber of Commerce. We are excited to serve our community and help those that experience different types of loss from water damage to fire damage in their home or business.

Drying a large office in Weston, Fl

An office building in Weston, Fl needed water mitigation services after they had a pipe leak in their building. We arrived quickly after the call and we were able to get the affected area dry completely.

Thermal Moisture Meter

At SERVPRO of Weston /West Davie, we use the latest technology to make sure we do the job right.  Our thermal moisture meters help us to ensure we see all of the unseen moisture to mitigate properly.  

Drying behind walls without Demo

In this Weston, Florida home, the sheet rock was not needing to be removed, however there was possible moisture behind the walls.  In order to ensure the area dried properly, we removed the baseboards, drilled holes in the sheetrock and set up the drying equipment to dry the moist areas.

Expect the unexpected

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie was called out to this Weston home to mitigate water damaged due to a leaky pipe in the wall. When we arrived and started to remove the water damaged materials we found mod growth. We immediately stopped and set up containment in the home and began the proper mold remediation process.

Team Weston/ West Davie

We are so happy to be apart of our wonderful community here in Weston, Florida! We are here to help you with any mitigation and restoration need you may have! SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie is always here to help!

Ready to roll!

Here at SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie, we are always ready to serve you. No matter the time, day or night, our crews are on standby to come to the rescue for your water or fire damage!